Congrats to every fan who kept amazing care of their Better Things Bouquet!

Each unique bouquet can now be revealed and shared. All rewards will be sent to your email at that time. Thanks for being the greatest fans in the world.

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Unlock your unique 1:1 bouquet

Stream "Better Things" on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon

How does it work?
Bouquet 1
Start with a beautiful bouquet at 50% health
Bouquet 2
If you don't listen or share every day, your bouquet begins to wilt
Bouquet 3
So start listening and sharing daily to see your bouquet heal up and grow!
Bouquet 4
You've almost made it to peak bouquet health! Keep streaming and sharing to win rewards!
Bouquet 5
At the end, we will reveal and show your unique bouquet and any rewards!

aespa enthusiasts kick off their journey with a vibrant digital bouquet, which becomes their responsibility to nurture and pamper for a span of 10 days. This experience unlocks exclusive rewards from aespa, while transforming your initial bud into an unmatched, one-of-a-kind, digital collectible!

Here is what you can do to ensure your bouquet's health and in turn, your ability to collect rewards! We will track your listens and shares for the new hit single "Better Things"! So crank up those tunes and fire off those invite links to your friends. Each play and every share increases your bouquet's vitality!

Behold the health meter. It's the key to unlocking the rewards! Think unique, exclusive items and signed digital and physical photocards. So keep an eye on your health meter because the more you listen to the song and send out your invite link, the healthier your bouquet becomes!

Support the iconic women of aespa and unlock the extraordinary!


Every participant received a custom 1/1 digital collectible bouquet.

Fans who kept their Bouquet healthy by watering (aka listening and sharing "Better Things") unlocked access to more rewards.

t-shirt price

Reward Level

  • 1/1 Digital Collectible
  • Animated Digital Signature
  • Access to purchase Bundle 1:
    Notepad + Sticker Sheet +Photo Card
  • Access to purchase Bundle 2:
    T-Shirt + extra surprise.
notepad stickersheet price

Reward Level

  • 1/1 Digital Collectible
  • Animated Digital Signature
  • Access to purchase Bundle 1:
    Notepad + Sticker Sheet + Photo Card
Signature gif

Reward Level

  • 1/1 Digital Collectible
  • Animated Digital Signature

Reward Level

  • 1/1 Digital Collectible
About aespa

aespa [KARINA, GISELLE, WINTER, AND NINGNING] is a fierce female K-Pop group, who in an unprecedented move secured the fastest climb to 100 million views on their debut video for any K-Pop group in YouTube history with their 2020 released, "Black Mamba." The group’s 2022 EP, Girls - The 2nd Mini Album debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart and crashed the Top 3 of the Billboard 200 - their highest to date. All of these milestones have led to aespa’s recently released 3rd Mini Album - MY WORLD, which includes their new hit single "Spicy." The group has received praise from the likes of The New York Times, TIME, FORBES, Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue and more with UPROXX stating, "nothing is more exciting than a new aespa song." aespa become the first K-Pop artists to play at the Governors Ball in June and will also be the first to perform at Outside Lands before they head off to hit the US cities on their first global tour in August.


Previous campaign for Aespa - Better things



"Better Things" (RAYE Remix) Challenge


Global Listening Progress

Join us in the global "Better Things" RAYE Remix listening challenge! All you need to do is listen to the new hit remix of "Better Things" by Pop/Rnb sensation RAYE to unlock even more aespa rewards!

As aespa fans listen more to the remix, you can watch the meter inch closer to 100%! When the meter hits 100%, all participating aespa fans, regardless of whether you are a "Better Things" bouquet owner, will become eligible for exciting rewards. Prizes will be randomly selected from the pool of participants, giving you a chance to win exclusive goodies such as signed CDs and stylish T-shirts!

Let's unite, aespa fans, and join forces to support RAYE's remix, all while reaping more rewards from the "Better Things" single release! Stream "Better Things" (RAYE Remix) on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon for a chance to win!

Raye remix album cover

Participate in this challenge for a chance to win the following rewards through a random draw!

thriving reward

Better Things T-Shirt

10 Available To Win!
thriving reward

(Signed) aespa Single Album "Better Things"

thriving reward

(SIGNED) aespa Single Album "Better Things"

WINTER Ver. Cover
thriving reward

(SIGNED) aespa Single Album "Better Things"

GISELLE Ver. Cover
thriving reward

(SIGNED) aespa Single Album "Better Things"

KARINA Ver. Cover
thriving reward

(SIGNED) aespa Single Album "Better Things"

aespa Ver. Cover